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In recent times, the problems of attention deficit disorders have become more widely recognized. These problems not only affect impairment in concentration, but also affect behavior (impulsively), and self-esteem. If left untreated, these problems follow into adulthood. Until recently, the treatment has been by the use of powerful stimulant medications. Although these medications can be very effective, there are problems associated with them. These drugs are short acting, wear off quickly and have no curative effects. They also can cause insomnia, loss of appetite, and agitation..

A new, exciting and effective alternative treatment for ADD/ADHD has been discovered in the past 40 years with the use of electroencepholographic biofeedback. Studies have shown that there are specific brain waves that are associated with various mental states. In the daydreaming state, slow moving brain waves known as Theta waves dominate. In the more focused or alert state these Theta levels drop, while faster moving Beta waves increase. EEG biofeedback trains the child (or adult), to increase their concentration skills and decrease distractions by learning to control these brain wave activities . In doing so, impulsive behaviors decrease and school performance and self-esteem increase. The treatment is completely noninvasive and with computer driven games is fun and stimulating for children.